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HealthPro® Plus

The HealthPro Plus
removes 99.97% of all particles
in the air your baby breathes.


0.003 Microns And Larger
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HealthPro Plus
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healthpro plus


The unequalled IQAir HyperHEPA filter eliminates fine and ultrafine particles, including viruses and bacteria.


The V5-Cell Gas & Odor Filter uses granular activated carbon adsorption to eliminate volatile organic compounds and other harmful chemicals.


The PreMax Pre-Filter eliminates micro-particles such as pollen, pet dander and mold spores.

HealthPro® Plus

What's Inside?

  • HyperHEPA® Filter stops particles of all sizes.
  • V5-Cell™ eliminates gases and odors.
  • Pre-Max™ Pre-Filter eliminates pollen, pet dander, mold.
  • New Edition Fan moves more air.
  • 3D UltraSeal™ eliminates leakage.
  • EvenFlow™ Diffuser sends clean air in all directions.
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